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Ei200MRF RadioLINK+ Module

The Ei200MRF RadioLINK+ module can be fitted to the Ei208W and Ei208DW Carbon Monoxide Alarms to enable them to be interconnected wirelessly to other devices.

  • Up to 12 devices can be interconnected
  • Simple plug in design
  • Transmits, receives and repeats RF specific data
  • Uses mesh architecture and proprietary RadioLINK+ protocol
  • Remote Alarm Learn entry
  • Provides data for download
  • Powered for life lithium battery

Compliant with Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU

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The Ei200MRF is an add-on RadioLINK+ module that simply plugs in at the back of a an Ei208W/DW Carbon Monoxide Alarm. It is powered by its own lithium battery ensuring power for life for both Alarm and module. 

It is a short range device using a transceiver to transmit, receive and repeat the RadioLINK protocol creating a robust "mesh" of RF signals and reliable paths of communication.  The Ei200MRF module facilitates wireless interconnection with up to 12 RadioLINK/RadioLINK+ devices.

The house coding feature confines the RF communication to designated RadioLINK/RadioLINK+ devices only, thereby avoiding the inadvertent activation of neighbouring Alarm RF systems.

The new RadioLINK+ technology enables you to put a whole system in house code mode by just pressing the button of one of the RF module of the existing system, making it much easier to add a device.

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