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Ei603TYC Heat Alarm

The Ei603TYC is a battery powered Heat Alarm ideally located in the kitchen, utility room, garage or in areas which are not suitable for a Smoke Alarm.  A Heat Alarm should be connected to a Smoke Alarm to ensure early warning.

  • Fast acting class A1 thermistor
  • 10 year sealed Lithium battery
  • Hardwire interconnect
  • Wireless interconnect capability
  • Easy to fit twist-on base
  • Large Test button
  • Integrated piezoelectric sounder

BS 5446-2:2003

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The Ei603TYC is a Heat Alarm powered by a 10 year sealed Lithium battery and fitted with a class A1 sensor that will trigger an alarm when the temperature reaches 58°C ± 4°C.  

The Alarm is supplied with an easy to fit twist-on base to facilitate quick and simple installation, combined with easy detector head removal and replacement.

Heat Alarms can only be used as part of a fire detection system ie interconnected with smoke Alarms situated along the escape routes.  The Ei603TYC can be interconnected via hardwire and wirelessly with the addition of the RadioLINK module Ei600MRF (sold separately or included with the Ei603RF) to communicate with compatible Ei Alarms and accessories.  Up to 12 devices can be interconnected.

The Alarm automatically monitors the battery every 40 seconds.  If it is depleted it will give a short beep every 40 seconds.

The large Test button allows the user to check the operation of the Alarm. This will check the sounder, battery voltage and internal circuitry.  

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