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Network communication card (allows up to fourteen ECU-8 or ECU-8NT or ECU-4 or ECU-16 to be interlinked – one required per networked ECU-8 or ECU-8NT or ECU-4 or ECU-16). Use for EVC control units which do not require the addition of a desk controller (ECU-224)

• The ECU722 is a network card that is used for expanding the fire telephone or disabled refuge systems of Context Plus.
• Allows up to 14 ECU-4, ECU-8, ECU-16 or ECU-8NT SigTEL master controllers to be interlinked.
• One card required per networked SigTEL master controller.
• Allows systems of up to 224 lines (14 x ECU-16 controllers) to be easily set-up.
• Any ECU-4, ECU-8 or ECU-16 can take control of the system at any time by the input of a special code.
• Note that for networked systems that do not require multiple control points, controllers without handsets are available (ECU-8NT).
• To network a controller that has an optional ECU-224 desk controller fitted use an ECU723 interface/network card instead of an ECU722.

Connections:  Cat 5 patch lead (supplied) connects the ECU722 to a master controller.
Product dimensions (mm):  92 W x 108 H x 20 D mm.
Weight: 56g.
Network specification:  The ECU722 card transmits speech via a single wiring loop and digital data via two linear RS485 networks. Max. length of all networks is 1 km.
Notes:  We recommend two separate cable paths be run with each path containing a single speech and single data cable (which should not be mixed in the same cable). Download main ECU-4/8/16 Instructions below for further details.

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