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Remote status unit, flush mounting, fully-functional c/w Status LCD, manual release & mode (auto/manual) switches. Max. 8 x EP201F or EP210S per EP203

  • Designed to connect to the RS485 terminals on an EP203/CON Automatic Extinguisher Panel to provide remote system status indication via a 128 x 64 pixel LCD status display.
  • Also includes a pull-down manual release button, a mode (auto/manual) keyswitch and a wide range of system status indicators.
  • Three monitored input connections (Hold, Abort and Mode).
  • 8 remote status units per EP203/CON panel.
  • Surface remote status units (EP210S) and weather proof enclosures (BF359/1) also available.

Power requirements: 21-28VDC (200mA electronic fuse).
Quiescent current: 7mA.
Auxiliary inputs: Three: (1) Hold; (2) Abort; (3) Mode. A 6k8 EOL resistor must be fitted across the terminals of the last device on each monitored input circuit. Unused circuits must have the 6k8 resistor fitted at the terminals.
Indicators: Gen. fire; Fire Zones (x3); Gen. disablement; Hold; 1st Stage Output; 2nd Stage
Output; Release Imminent (x2); Extinguishant Released; Abort; Gen. Fault; Man. Only; Man/Auto.
Controls: Extinguishant release (housed in yellow casing); Operation keyswitch (Manual only or Manual & Auto).
Product dimensions(mm): 175 W x 250 H x 70 D mm. Hole required for flush mounting 156 W x 232 H x 51 D mm.
Construction & finish: Metal.
IP Rating: IP30.
Weight: 1.338kg..
Operating conditions/temperature: -5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.
Network specification: RS485; Max. 8 remote status units (any mix) per EP203; Four wire connection (2 power, 2 data); Daisy-chain wiring.

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