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XFP Networkable repeater panel, 16 zones, code/keyswitch entry, c/w psu and network repeater card, metal enclosure-

  • Can be used to repeat the functions of the Context Plus single loop sixteen zone economy XFP Main panel model XFP501E/X/CON at remote parts of a site (e.g. all potential fire service entrances).
  • Offers all of the functions and controls of an XFP501E/X/CON Main panel (access levels 1, 2 and 3).
  • Includes an on-board fault relay.
  • Requires its own dedicated Mains power and battery back-up supply.
  • A maximum of eight XFP510-16/CON Repeaters can be connected to one non-networked XFP501E/X/CON Main panel.
  • Communication between the XFP501E/X/CON Main panel and Repeater XFP510-16/CON requires a CFP761 network driver card (fitted as standard in all XFP510-16/CON repeaters, available as an optional extra on Main XFP501E/X/CON 16 Zone panels).
  • Repeater network wired in 1.5 mm2 two-core screened fire resistant cable. Network length must not exceed 500 metres.

Protocol/compatibility Compatible with Context Plus intelligent addressable XFP501E/X/CON main panel.
Mains supply 230V 50/60Hz.
Mains rated current 350mA maximum.
Internal power supply 27Vdc nominal.
Total output current limited to 1.4A @ 230Vac (Imax.A 210mA; Imin. 40mA).
Max battery size and type 2 x 12V 3.2Ah VRLA connected in series.
Auxiliary relays Fault (Failsafe; Capable of switching 1A @ 30V DC;
Must not be used for switching Mains voltages).
PC connection None.
Indicators 2 line x 40 character backlit display; 16 Zonal LEDs, General Fire; Energised;
Pre-Alarm; Remote Output Activated; Remote Output Disabled; Accessed;
Disablement; Test; Silenced; General Fault; System Fault.
Expansion connections On board CFP761 network driver card facilitates the connection of
additional XFP Repeaters.
Product dimensions (mm) 380 W x 235 H x D 96mm;
Construction & finish Plastic lid and base; RAL7035 textured.
IP Rating IP30.
Weight 1.8kg (without batteries).
Operating conditions/temperature -5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.
Network specification Max. no. of Repeaters per Main XFP: 8 (any mix);
Max. total length of Repeater network: 500m;
Cabling requirements: 1.5mm2 two core screened fire resistant.

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