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Addressable loop powered Ancilliary Base Sounder (70-85DBA)

The Addressable Ancillary Base Sounder of Context Plus is a local-area sounder designed for indoor use. It can be connected only to the Addressable Context Plus Xpert Card Detectors.

• Loop-powered and requires no external power supply.
• Operates at 17–28V DC.
• A guaranteed sound output of 85dB(A) at 1 metre is achieved at a current consumption of only 3mA.
• The sounder generates very low current noise so that up to 126 sounders may be connected to an addressable loop.
• The Ancillary Base Sounder responds to signals from the associated Context Plus Addressable detector. It does not have an address of its own.
• The sounder produces an uninterrupted alternating tone of 990Hz for 0.5 seconds and 630Hz for 0.5 seconds.
• The volume control can be used to adjust the sound from 70dB(A) to 85dB(A).
• IP23D rated.
• Sound output of 85dB(A) at 1 metre.
• Current consumption of only 3mA in Alarm.
• Responds to signals from the associated detector – does not have an address of its own.

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