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Conventional Beam Detector BEAMRAY RFX70

BEAMRAY RFX70, 7-70m motorised reflective beam detector 24VDC, comprising 1 x detector head, 1 x system controller and 1 x reflective prism, Auto-alignment, Building Movement Tracking. Operating range up to 70m. Extend to 140m with Long Range Kit (LR140) and to 160m with long Range Kit (LR160)

• Conventional Optical Beam Detector with a Distance covering 70 metres which can be extended to 160 metres.
• Enhanced optics & latest advanced components.
• VdS Approved.
• Fully Compliant to EN54-12:2015.
• Incorporates linear stepper motors to ensure fast commissioning and routine maintenance.
• Class-leading speed performance: Auto-align time of 3 minutes and 02 seconds recorded at 40 metres.
• Long Distance Range Kit (LR140): plate of 3 extra reflectors to extend coverage from 70 to 140 metres.
• Long Distance Range Kit (LR160): plate of 8 extra reflectors to extend coverage from 140 to 160 metres.

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