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Ei450 RadioLINK Alarm Controller

The Ei450 is a RadioLINK battery powered single button Alarm Controller designed to be used with Fire and CO Alarm Systems.

  • 10 year Lithium battery
  • Wireless Interconnect
  • 3 functions:
    • Test
    • Locate
    • Silence
  • Fire alarm, CO alarm and end of life indicators
  • Unique house coding feature
  • Diagnostic mode

Compliant with Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU

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The Ei450 is an intuitive remote controller for use with Fire and CO (Carbon Monoxide) Alarm systems. It is powered by a 10 year lithium battery.

Its single button decides depending on the situation what function to perform:

  • In Standby mode, pressing the button will test all the interconnected Alarms at once from a convenient point rather than having to press the test button on each Alarm.
  • In Alarm mode, the locate segment will be lit to indicate that this function is now available, pressing the button will silence all but the originating Alarm.
  • Once the locate function has been used, the silence segment will light to indicate that this function is now available, pressing the button will now silence the originating Alarm for 10 minutes (if smoke/heat Alarm) or 4 minutes (if CO Alarm).

In addition, when the Ei450 receives an alarm signal, it indicates by flashing the relevant icon whether it came from a Fire (smoke or heat) or CO Alarm enabling the occupant to quickly take appropriate action.

The house coding feature confines the RF communication to designated RF devices only, thereby avoiding the inadvertent activation of neighbouring Alarm RF systems.

The diagnostic mode allows an extended two minute test to be selected. It also allows a previously triggered Alarm to be identified, this is also known as the memory feature.

The battery icon will flash to indicate that the Ei450 has reached the end of its useful life (>10 Years).

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