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Green Handsfree EVC outstation, Green, Surface mounting

  • The EVC302GS is an attractive Type B disabled refuge outstation for use with the Disabled Refuge System of Context Plus.
  • Stylishly finished in tough, durable green steel.
  • Suitable for use with SigTEL disabled refuge / emergency voice communication system of Context Plus.
  • Allows anyone located in a disabled refuge area to communicate with a SigTEL Master Controller at the touch of a button (and vice versa).
  • Offers true duplex speech.
  • Features a ‘Push to Call or Answer’ button, a ‘Call in Progress’ LED, buzzer, microphone and loudspeaker.
  • Includes connections for an optional induction loop system and a general-purpose open collector output that closes on activation of the unit.
  • Meets and exceeds the requirements of BS 5839-9 when correctly installed.

Approvals/certifications:  Facilitates compliance with BS5839-9 when correctly installed.
Supply/operating voltage:  11V DC derived from a compatible SigTEL Master Controller (drops to 6 V DC when in use).
Quiescent current:  3mA
Activation current:  25mA (current draw when intercom is in use).
Open collector outputs:  O/P +Ve & O/P –Ve (closes when outstation is active, typically used to trigger a third party CCTV camera, opto-isolated, normally open, max. 24 V DC, 3 mA).
Indicators:  Red call in progress LED
Controls:  External 'Push to Call or Answer' button (Off Hook); Internal Loudspeaker volume control; Engineer’s “On Hook” and “Off Hook” pins.
Expansion connections:  AFILS +Ve & AFILS –Ve (typically connected to the line-level input of an optional induction loop amplifier): Off-Hook and -Ve (can be optionally connected to an NC951 accessible toilet alarm kit (see instructions for details).
Product dimensions (mm):  160 W x 240 H x 53 D mm.
Construction & finish:  Green steel.
IP Rating:  IP20.
Weight:  1.3 kg.
Operating conditions/temperature:  -5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.
Notes:  Microphone frequency response 250 Hz to 5 kHz ±3 dB; Loudspeaker frequency response 250 Hz to 4 kHz ±3 dB; Audio output level: 0 dB (775 mV) balanced line.

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