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Red Dual Action addressable Manual Pull Station with Polycarbonate Surface Back Box- UL LISTED

The Context Plus Red Addressable Polycarbonate Pull Station Part number 56000-005IMC is dual-action and features translucent plastic at the center, allowing visibility of an internal LED that indicates alarm condition and polling status. The unit is addressable using a DIP switch protected within the pull station. The Polycarbonate Pull Station may be flush mounted on a single gang work box or use an optional back cover part number 56000-006IMC.

Pushing in, then pulling down on the handle causes it to latch in the down/activated position. Once latched, the activated flag (in bright yellow) appears at the bottom of the station face. To reset the station, simply unlock the station with the key and allow the door to open. This action resets the handle; closing the door automatically resets the switch. Each manual pull station, on command from the control panel, sends data to the panel representing the state of the manual switch. The priority interrupt addressing (1-126) is set via the enclosed 7 segment DIP switch.

  • Key Lock
  • Easily resettable
  • LED visible even when Pull Station is closed
  • Shell, door and handle are molded of durable polycarbonate material with textured finish

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