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ZFP 2 loop Panel with 40 zone LEDS (Z49), PSU rated at 5 Amps, with Built-in Printer

• The Context Plus ZFP panel model Z025040PS/X/CON is a feature-rich touchscreen-controlled intelligent addressable fire panel with 2 addressable loops, 40 Programmable zonal LED indicators and built-in thermal printer.
• Rapid loop learn, flexible cause & effects and powerful system diagnostics. These features + SafeMode and a unique DeviceManager combine to make the Context Plus ZFP one of the most user friendly control panels on the market.
• Hi-integrity fault-tolerant RS485 networking option allows up to 128 network nodes (64 main panels and 64 Compact Controllers).
• Optional ‘A-Bus’ expansion PCBs, paging and graphic interface facilities.
• Intuitive PC programming tools.
• Very user friendly full-colour touchscreen interface.
• Can be expanded to 4loop by adding the Plug-in 2loop extender PCB model Z02LOOP/X.

  • Comply with European Standard EN54 parts 2 and 4.
  • Attractive 450 x 462 x 127mm cabinet.
  • Up to 64 eight-loop peer to peer panel network capacity.
  • Hi-integrity and single-path networking options. Ability to assign individual zones across the network.
  • Very flexible cause and effects.
  • Wide range of Switch & Indicator modules.
  • Multiple 'A-Bus' expansion PCBs (I/O Units, Relays, etc).
  • User-friendly full colour touchscreen with dynamic buttons and virtual QWERTY keyboard.
  • 40 separate and programmable zonal LEDs.
  • Up to 38 characters of custom text per loop device.
  • Automatic daylight saving (BST/GMT) mode.
  • 20,000+ event memory (filterable by fire, fault & date).
  • Non-fire supervisory event functionality.
  • Built-in Thermal Printer.
  • Well-designed cabinets with easily removable electronics chassis.
  • 20-way heavy-duty brass earth bar as standard.
  • 72-hour standby (+ 30 min alarm) in standard cabinets.
  • Built-in loop status & current-reading.
  • Powerful engineering and commissioning functions including SafeMode and DeviceManager.
  • Attractive Compact Controllers.
  • Wide range of flush-fit bezels
  • Powerful and intuitive PC programming tools

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