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Integrated AVAC module & AVAC-AMP dual amplifier/charger/PSU (2 circuits in one zone, each circuit 60 watts maximum) Up to 20 slaves VA402 to it

The VA403 is the Master Amplifier of the AVAC Voice Evacuation system. The VA403 is a Dual Amplifier (2 circuits), each circuit 60 watts.

The AVAC Voice Evacuation system is a high-quality modular emergency sound system complete with an onboard digital message store and powerful public address and background music capabilities. It is purposely designed to simplify the provision of a fully EN60849 compliant sound system for emergency purposes for schools, shopping centres, offices, hotels and other applications where clear and concise emergency voice communication is required.

Multiple Master Amplifiers model VA403 can be interconnected. There is no limit to the number of master AVACs that can be used per system although it should be noted that the VA405 fireman’s microphone can be daisy chained to a maximum of 10 master VA403s only. Each VA403 Master Amplifier has a slave line output. Up to 10 Slave Amplifiers model VA402 can be connected to the slave output of each VA403 Master.

In one compact wall-mountable enclosure, The AVAC Master Amplifier VA403 comprises:
• A high-quality digital message store containing programmable pre-recorded evacuate, alert and test messages (an optional custom message recording service is also available at extra cost);
• A prioritised mixer.
• Two 60 Watt ‘Class D’ amplifiers.
• Three balanced line level inputs for the optional connection of an emergency microphone, paging/public address equipment and a background music source.
• Space for 2 x 12V 7Ahr batteries typically providing at least 24 hours standby and 30 minutes alarm running time.
• A slave line level output allowing the connection of up to 10 slave amplifiers model VA402. (Slave amplifiers are typically used to extend loudspeaker coverage in areas such as large warehouses. They also allow greater flexibility in the segregation of public address paging and background music distribution as they have their own paging and background music inputs).

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